training for sub inspector

Karnataka Police Sub Inspector Pre Selection Training

A sub-inspector ranks above an assistant sub-inspector of police (ASI) and below an inspector (who usually supervises a group of police stations). Most sub-inspectors are directly recruited into the police and have better educational qualifications than lower-ranking police officers.

The rank insignia for a sub-inspector is two (five point) stars, and a red and blue striped ribbon at the outer end of the shoulder straps. This is similar to the insignia of a subedar in the Indian Army. The assistant sub-inspector will have one (five point) star, and a red and blue striped ribbon at the outer end of the shoulder straps. This is similar to the insignia of a naib subedar in the Indian Army. The rank insignia for principal sub-inspector and additional sub-inspector are one and the same.


If you want to wear on uniform let us start from here- we train officer who are Mentally strong and Physically Tough

We make you look like a real Soldier hence we would be following exactly as the Army does to a soldier who enters for training :

When you arrive at the Academy You will be asked to do the following :

Arrival Report and Filling up of Personal Information Questionnaire
Haircut (head shave or buzz cut for men; women must either cut hair short or wear pinned up)
Physical examination (including blood and urine tests)
Distribution of uniforms and personal gear including the study kit
Instructions about training schedule as well as upkeep of barracks.
Initial Written and Physical Assessment Test
The marks you score will be emailed to your parents / Guardian as the case may be
Physical test next day morning
17 sit-ups within one minute.
13 push-ups within one minute.
Men: one-mile run in 8½ minutes.
Women: one-mile run in 10½ minutes.
Long Jump
High Jump
Cricket Ball throw
Rope climbing

You are requested to think yourself as officer candidates and live up to our expectation.
We will start our training with an opening address and a motivational Speech And Presentation on what you will be doing for the rest of the 60 days with us

Facilities Offered

Well organised Class Rooms
Decent Accommodation
Clean Toilets
Food that is rich in vitamins
Good Study Room
A well laid out Training area
Instructors of repute
Weekly Tests
Doubt clearing sessions in the study period
Out Instructors would be staying in our academy
Entertainment is limited
Strict vigilance will be observed
Computer based Tests

What we expect from a potential candidate?

Regular AttendanceCome prepared for the classBe disciplinedDo your home work What to bring?
A list would be given to you once you register for training with our academy
Joining Instructions will be issued